This is my personal checklist for accessibility.

Feature Support Level Explanation Status
Text Color Contrast **** This feature is to make site accessible to low vision users. To be tested
Text Font Size *** User should be able to change the font size globally using browser settings. To be worked
Low Intensity Display Support ***** Pages should be fully readable even if user has reduced brightness and contrast to 20% (i.e. if you are like me) Implemented
Netscape 3.1 Support ** Site must support HTML3.2-only output and usuable rendering on non-IE browsers. To be worked
Non Visual Browser Support * Site should support non-visual browsers such as Lynx under Unix. To be worked
Text-Only Pages * User should able to eliminate all graphics to support slow connections. To be worked
WAP Access * Major content should be available for WAP browsers. To be worked
XML Content Export NA Data-like content should be accessible in form of XML. NA
Display Resolution Independence **** Page should resized itself according to browser window size To be tested for 640X480 resolution