Coming Soon

Here's the list of things I've planned to add in to my site. So better watch out...!!!

What When
My Gizmos section listing my preferred gadgets including MP3 CD player, GPS system, Camera and Camcorder, CD writer, how to build dream PC and more! I'll try to explain what exactly is the best and why it's cool. Dec 2001
My Books section listing reviews of books I've read. Dec 2001
Tech Articles section with several articles written for advanced software programming including how to write MTS components, the best stratagy to design error handling in Visual Basic, Cool Windows Programming Techniques etc. Dec 2001
Programming Challenges section with few of the real touch and clever programming problems for those of you who DARES! Dec 2001
Filling up My Photos section with over 200+ photos I've taken over last two years mainly in UK and USA. Dec 2001