This site had long way to come. Here's the glimpse of how is started out and got changed over the time!

Apr-May 2002
Added two new sections on Stuff 2 Do (activities and things I'm in to) and Favorite Music. Updated Cool Books sections with more books and cover images. Main page now only shows new things added to the site (some content moved to Stuff2Do while links to BigBoy server removed). Also removed most information from About Me section due to rising privacy concerns. It's been reduced to single page from 3 pages that were structured after Ash-Central (and so this site no longer bears any resemblance to Ash-Central any more). Also moved About Me section to bottom of menu and renamed other couple of sections. Added two new programs: Outlook Quote in downloads and WizAddIn in Geeks Only section. Page counter is invisible now because of it's doubtful behaviour.

10-15 May 2001
Restructured Info and Likes section, removed/updated some of old/sensitive info from them, Added Favorites section. Started new My Gizmos section. Content is under preparation. My Sites section is removed.

20 Feb 2001
Added content in Servers & Mirrors page. Updated Downloads page with downloads for Developer Utilities and links collection.

30 Jan 2001
Added new Accessibility page. Added links for Mirrors And Servers page. Added link to developer utilities in Download page.

19 Nov 2000
Added new Links section. Added Update History page.

16 Nov 2000
Added Nerds Only section with a subpage "My Utilities".

5 Nov 2000
The 3rd redesign of my site came again after long delay. This time I'd been digesting concepts of rapid development and heavy code reusage. And so the redesign reflected this concepts. I'd already did lots of ASP programming and it was just matter of time to bring out techniques that allows to produce pages with blazing speeds and still with more then easy navigation and ability to do global changes in minutes. The site again employed concept of using pure HTML, simplicity in look but rich in content.

19 Sep 1998
The next change to my personal home page came around after an year. But the situation was quite different this time. I'd been heavily impressed by the concepts of content orientation and using pure HTML instead of filling it will all the new technologies you know (thanks to Prateek). Meanwhile I'd also created first complete site of my life: Ash - Central. It was based on same principle of creating elegance with pure HTML. It was gigantic maneuver and tought me tons of lessons for building and promoting sites. So I redesigned my personal site on the same principle. But again I was being moved to UK and this new redesign too never progressed beyond few pages.

(Sep 1997)
It was my days at CSRE, IIT when Web was still the "up coming" thing and fortunately CSRE had it's own space on IIT's web servers. I was too eager to learn everything that I felt "interesting". Just in a month the first page was rolled out and to make sure it gets noticed I'd used punches of CSS, JavaScripts, jazzy colors, animated gifs - and whatever else spicy you can think of! Needless to say my page did become popular (being the only personal page in CSRE!). But I soon slipped of expanding it beyond couple of pages in rapid career race and getting in to other new technologies. And it hanged around like that for next many many months!