When I Fall

In this world of the Greater Being, I feel like I'm at play... like a little kid. With all my sense of wonder and curiosity... walking on my knees to get close, see and feel everything that has been put around me... and smile for all those good things that I find. And when I'm just moving around, there are moments when things are not the way I would have wanted... sometime when I would have really wanted. Some of the worst moments of my life constitutes of those when the people I'd admired I see falling apart and I can't do anything about it... when someone you cared is dieing and you can do nothing about it... Those moments... when I just want to look up in the sky and pretend that I don't exist... trying to convince myself that it's ok... I feel like I'm betrayed with anger bursting out every inch of my body... But then when I'm all low and down, there's always something that happens... like someone struck the new string on the guitar that I'd never heard before... wiping out all my doubts with just that one stroke of note. So I look around to find the one but I can't see. But I know she was there smiling at me... like I'm a little kid... someone is sure playing with me.

Things With The Rain Drops...

Listening to When I Fall with sound of rain drops from my window... These days are going good. Haven't missed chance to get myself wet in rain most of the time... and walking on wet grass with bare feet... and watching rain drops making curves in cones of street lights... and taking a long drive in rain with my windows open... and taking snaps of Sun hiding behind dark clouds... and taking a deep breath in drizzly air... and wondering at water dance on my wind-shield... and following a droplet cloud around wheels of other vehicles... and making a splash on my way... These days are going good.

Hallowin Signout

Okay... guess this will be the end of the day - it's hallowing! And Aishwarya Rai's birthday... 10 mins to midnight... Since last two years this is the day and time (1st nov between 1 AM to 3 AM) when I always got in to a car accident - a nearly fatal ones. oh... need to eat something... should be going to Nanuet for that cool diner I'd found... will keep blogging if am alive tomorrow 🙂

Favorite Links In Zip File

The list of one's favorite sites is a mirror of his/her
personality and interests. I always try to keep record of all the sites I ever visit (my bowser's History option is always set to maximum!) and keep the
interesting links in organized way. For an avid power surfer like me it's nothing less then secret box of treasure. And for the first time, over 1400 links to sites I've collected over last 3+ years
is now public and downloadable! You can extract the zip file in to your browser's bookmark/favorite folder and check them out. I consider this
collection as one of the most important thing available on this site. So go ahead and try it out!

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15+ Programmer's Tools And Utilities

Programmers tools and utilities

Over the time there were several programs penned out of my PC for use in development activities, to do some "hacking" or just have plain fun. Most of them were either known to my collegues or just by me until I realized that some of those tools were really "most wanted" by other software developers too. So it's now all here. Because of time constraint I wasn't able to document all of them or even make bit more user friendly but I guess person passing through same situation as mine would find it quite useful.

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