The Illustrated Brief History of Time, Updated and Expanded Edition

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This is a really engaging book. It will take you to the journey of just few microseconds after the big bang, the sequence of events for next few minutes and how everything came to existance. It's not baseless as it may sound, there is tons of mathematics behind every conclusion. Even more engaging is the discussion why we should bother about this? The book is slim and probably the best in astrophysics ever written for a layman! More on this book...

HAL's Legacy: 2001's Computer as Dream and Reality

book coverSo you have seen the movie "2001: The Space Odyssey" and thought for a while it's 2001 already and why we are not there? Well, important question would be where we are and still how far to go. This book is the essays written by few of the top experts in computer industry outlining what are the extremes achieved so far. Well, after few chapters it becomes quite boring though…

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Journey Through Genius : The Great Theorems of Mathematics

There are lots and lots of books written on mathematics claiming to target mass audience and containing none to minimal "mathematics". You read these kind out of books and when you turn last page, you ask yourself what was really going on all the way? Well this book is different and if you ask me, it's the best book on mathematics I've came across. It's collection of few not-too-obvious theorems derived from scratch with it's histories and uses and stories. It's the way math textbooks should have been written. And it's so good, I hate to say I've found any other book that's come even near to this one!

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Sticky Chapter

I'm stuck on Chaper 8 of Brief History Of Time again. This is happening for the 3rd time. Everytime I read this book I get until this chapter and then eventually give up. This time I tried to track down the fault and realized this chapter is so much unorganized and has apparently unrelated thoughts, though interesting - which keeps me coming back to it. Okay... let's start again. Shall we?

Language Of Flowers

I found a little booklet today titled "The Secret Language Of Flowers" by Rachel Ibarra explaining nicely what each flower means when you give it to someone. I've to confess, I'm not good at it and so have to depend on the lady at the check-out counter to make sure I don't buy flowers for my boss which would mean "secret love" on her birthday :). I can't find this book on Amazon or B&N so you have to go to your nearest grocery store such as Pathmark to get it. Alternatively there's this nice web page for this but without pictures chances of screw up is high!

New Books

I'm running out of books to read so I was on shopping spree at Amazon. Just picked up few books from my Wish List and then few books from my favorite authors.

Book Find - Complications By Atul Gowande

This book I'd bought for my brother who is a doc by profession but unfortunately he has to now wait until I finish reading it. While the lingo of biological sciences usually tends to scare us, I'd always a fascination for doctor's life and this book is about it and more. The author takes you in the real stories that happened in his career as a trainee surgeon with a style that might put a fiction writer to a shame. The real beauty, however, is in the microscopic details. The philosophies involved in medical profession is embedded here with the wit and sharpness of a logician and that's another stronger side of this book. Click here to have a look.