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The idea of wrapping calendar information in to the RSS feed may sound very appealing. Almost every website owned by some kind of group or organization has their event calendar. The thought that you can aggregate them in to your "Calendar Aggregator" is just so geekily cool. What if people started putting up their weekend plans through some kind of RSS-Calendar and you can subscribe to them in your calendar program! I dig through dozens of W3C and other specs and half a dozen of implementation to find out what has been done so far and why it hasn't happened yet. The result of my findings and possible solution are summarized in my essay in some reader friendly writing.

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  1. Hi there. Nice to have pointers to all these things in one place, but there's a basic factual error I ought to correct. The iCalendar (formerly vCalendar) spec was produced through the IETF, rather than by W3C. At W3C in the last few years we have --- as an informal public taskforce of the RDF/SemWeb Interest Group --- been experimenting with ways of representing iCalendar-based data structures in RDF. As you explain, this is because calendars don't exist in isolation from the rest of our lives (people, places, documents, etc.), and RDF gives us a framework to mix together such info in principled ways. The iCalendar structures are, nevertheless, still pretty complicated though. I believe there are discussions of starting up some work at IETF to simplify/modernise things.

    Regarding XHTML/XSLT-based notations, Libby Miller made
    some demos in that style (targetting the RDFical format I think) a couple years ago, see:

    Some more pointers to the W3C-related work follow. If you could update your essay to give fair credit to the IETF group I'd be very grateful. Cheers! --danbri

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