15 Questions On Leadership

These are interesting questions if you were pursuing an acadamy degree on management/leadership. I do have the answers but don’t have enough room here to write it down (Fermat R.I.P.).

  1. What a good leader should do when a majority vote is different then his/her strongly held belief?
  2. If you must make a choice between hurting your team’s goal or ethics, what a good leader should choose?
  3. Say your boss wants you and your team to do something that isn’t good for your team’s goals. After lots of arguments, your boss does not change his/her mind. How would you handle this situation?
  4. How a good leader should treat his/her equals in the team? What can you do to harness his/her abilities without producing conflicts in leadership or ego-clash?
  5. How a good leader would pass the unpleasant news to the team without hurting the morals and motivation?
  6. In certain phase of a project you need your team to heavily overwork for a some period. What are the good things to do to keep the team alive and motivated in such times?
  7. Some members of a large team may end up doing boring, repetitive and otherwise uninteresting work. How a good leader would recruit them? How to keep them motivated?
  8. Statistically 90% of the projects goes over-budget and over-deadlines. Say if you did fell in to these 90%, how would you keep your boss and your team keep going?
  9. Communication is of atmost important to the team. But is it good or bad to have lots of discussions?
  10. What are the good rules of thumb for good signal-to-noise ratio for team brainstorming sessions?
  11. A very capable and essential team member of yours asks you for a raise but you do not have funds. How would you keep him/her?
  12. Say you lead a large team and you can’t recruit every single team member personally any longer. What are the general good recruiting policies a leader can set up avoid the weak nodes in your team?
  13. If you had to choose between following two candidates, what job attributes you would consider for the best match? enthusiastic but inexperienced college grads and less passionate but highly experienced professionals.
  14. How a good leader should respond when he/she finds certain team members does not respect or have a belief in him/her?
  15. Lets say you came to knew that you might soon become the target for certain mishaps, which weren’t really your fault. What would be your exit strategy?
Shital Shah

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